Oral Health in Barnsley: Better, But Gum Disease Still a Problem

Gum Disease ProblemsOral health in Barnsley has significantly improved in the past 40 years. Tooth decay rates have gone down, and South Yorkshire residents are living healthier lives. Unfortunately, gum disease is still a widespread problem.

PDC Dental, an implant dentistry practice in Barnsley, states that gum disease is one of the most common causes of tooth loss. Tooth loss due to gum disease is serious, as there is little chance for the tooth to be recovered. Only a dental implant or dentures may replace it.

High Levels of Gum Disease in Barnsley

In Barnsley, citizens are more likely to suffer from poor oral health compared to the rest of England. This is because people across South Yorkshire are less likely to have a healthy diet in relation to the national average.

Diets high in sugar and meagre health practices contribute to the prevalence of gum disease. A poor diet feeds the bacteria in the mouth, causing a build-up of plaque and tartar. As the plaque reaches critical levels, it develops into gum disease. Gum disease eventually leads to tooth loss if left unchecked.

It is particularly prevalent amongst Barnsley men. According to Public Health England, an organisation under the Department of Health, men from South Yorkshire are more likely to wear prosthetic teeth compared to people from the rest of the UK.

Oral Health Inequality

Health inequality is still a problem in Barnsley. Men, especially those from socially deprived backgrounds, are more likely to have oral health problems. They are also one of the least likely to seek out oral health.

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Oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis are largely preventable, but they are still a big problem in England. For many people, oral health care is simply not accessible.

In response, the English government is trying its best to improve the oral health of South Yorkshire communities. To help vulnerable groups, they are putting together health programmes that will teach the importance of dental care in children.

In addition to this, they also want to improve the fluoridation levels of the community water. Unlike countries such as the US, fluoridated water is not widely implemented across boroughs. Hopefully, it is enough to prevent gum disease amongst South Yorkshire citizens.