Of Jewelry and Aging: Less is More

Perhaps one of the harshest realities iDiamond Necklace and Earringsn life is the fact that you cannot always wear whatever you want—well, at least that’s what style-conscious women believe. Just because you’re lucky enough to have a large jewelry box overflowing with shimmering gold jewels and a covetable black-tie event invitation doesn’t mean you have to follow that little voice in your head that says “wear them all”.

Many women get it all wrong when they wear too much jewelry. It doesn’t just overwhelm a look, but it also makes them look much older.

Fashion icon Coco Channel once said, “Elegance is refusal.” A truly fashionable woman knows how to dress up with refinement and grace. Learn how to get the perfect black tie event appropriate look that will make you look so much younger with these tips.

 Wear the Right Jewelry

Many women today are a bit over the top when it comes to wearing metals. They wear designer pieces, sporting two gold cuffs on both hands. Sometimes, they wear draping, big silver necklaces and pair them with dangling silver earrings. Experts from Marinelli Jewelers say that just a tinge of gold or other metals is enough to make a statement. In fact, minimal touches produce an effortlessly sophisticated look. If you are struggling to choose which pieces of jewelry to wear, lines and accents are the most important things to keep in mind.

 Steal Style from Your Style Spirit Animal

Learn from style-savvy celebrities. Just look at the simplicity and sophistication of Julie Andrews. Just a touch of silver or diamond and that’s it, she nails the youthful glow—every single time. Learn from Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson and Jennifer Aniston as these celebrities also have a keen eye for making jewelry simple, yet stylish.

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 Don’t Forget the Dress

You get to choose one only: big dress or big jewelry. If you’re going for the big dress, wear a simple jewelry piece. You don’t need to emphasize the drama and details of your dress any further. Doing so will only create a mess if you go for the big pieces. If you’re sporting traditional jewelry for the evening, make sure the pieces are not too big.

A woman who is truly elegant knows how to dress up with a keen, smart eye. Her mantra is always, “Less is more.” Cut a few years off your look by choosing the right jewelry pieces.