New in Town? Spot the Best Barber Shop for You

groom barber shopAt best, it is like a club that would gladly have you as a member. It is, as a rule, a place where you can be yourself and have fun shooting the breeze with like-minded men.

If women have their salon where they can have their hair done while trading the latest gossip, men, on the other hand, have the barber shop. And yes, other than having their hair cut and their beard trimmed, there are also lots of talks during the process of grooming. Although men don’t call it gossip. They call it trading secrets.

Some barber shops in London, despite the rising popularity of salons that offer services both for men and women, retain this age-old tradition. The jovial congeniality, the easy conversation between barbers and clients, and, of course, the razor sharp cuts that make gentlemen out of boys. But with the increase of grooming salons and modern barber shops, how then can you possibly spot the best one for you?

Typically, it all starts with the vibe. If, by merely entering the establishment you already feel comfortable then you are on a good start. There are those who prefer their barbers to be chatty and then there are those who prefer theirs to be entirely focused on the matter at hand. But whatever your preference may be, the best barber shop is the one where you feel the most at home. Some like it fast and in with the times, some lads still prefer the traditional wet shave fit for a gentleman.

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After the vibe, you then better check the barbers’ work of course. What you want is someone who not only gets what you want, but more importantly, knows what’s best for your look. The easiest way to source these shops, in fact, is asking guys with good haircuts about their barber shop.

Lastly, be on the lookout for the other services they offer. Some offer facial treatments, hands and feet massages and body treatment and waxing, After all, these days it’s not just the haircut that must be taken care of. In the post-metrosexual world, gentlemen should know how to take care of himself, from the clothes that he wears to the products puts on his skin and hair.

All of these will be quite easy if you found the perfect barber shop for you.