Kid Friendly Denver: Things to Do With Kids in Denver

Whitewater RaftingDenver’s varied topography, incredible weather and cosmopolitan vibe make is a perfect place for family vacations. The interactive museums, lush green parks, fascinating zoos and aquariums and other kid-friendly attractions are guaranteed to bring out the kid in every adult. Check out some of The Mile High City’s most popular kiddie places.

City Park

City Park is sprawling expanse of green featuring several picnicking zones, children’s playgrounds, boating lakes and concert amphitheatre. The eastern end of the park houses the Denver Zoo, which has over 4,300 creatures. Watch swinging orang-utans, and swimming elephants, while participating in animal feeding sessions. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, located next door, is an interactive haven that allows kids to explore dinosaurs, fossils and space mysteries.

In addition to this, you can help the kids enjoy a variety of adventure activities such as white water rafting in Colorado at the Arkansas River, which is perfect for all levels.

Dinosaur Ridge

Learn everything you can about Colorado’s long extinct and fascinating residents at the Dinosaur Ridge. In addition to touching the Stegosaurus bones at the site that witnessed crucial dinosaur discoveries, children can view real lguanadon sandstone preserved footprints. There are guided shuttle tours and indoor exhibits, along with an attractive floodplain landscape.

The Butterfly Pavilion

Located at a 15-minute ride from Denver, Butterfly Pavilion is a heady natural refuge that gives the little ones an opportunity to interact with live butterflies in the backdrop of a flourishing rainforest. The Wings Over Tropics conservatory features over 1,200 invertebrates. There’s an interactive area flush with insects and interesting informational charts for trivia buffs. 

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Denver offers plenty of kid-friendly experiences and attractions, such as the City Park (housing the Denver Zoo and The Denver Museum of Nature and Science), the fascinating and interactive Dinosaur Ridge and the striking natural refuge – Butterfly Pavilion. Keep these activities in mind to enjoy the vacation with kids.