EEOICPA Health Benefits: Overlooked Medical Coverage for Survivors

Worker's Health BenefitsThe Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) is a federal program that aims to compensate workers that have participated in the nuclear development of the U.S. since WWII.

In coordination with the Department of Labor, beneficiaries of EEOICPA health benefits receive medical assistance such as prescription drugs, doctor copays, illness screening service, hospice care, nursing home, durable medical equipment, home health care, extended care facilities, medical alert systems and many others. These are benefits and services that are approved under EEOICPA that nuclear workers and other survivors receive as a form of compensation.

When Benefits Aren't Used Properly: Consequential Sickness

Nuclear Care Partners reports that there are some EEOICPA health benefits not being maximized by survivors. One of them is consequential sickness or an illness brought by a primary health problem caused by radiation exposure. Secondary cancer that originated from the main cancer site, also known as metastasized cancer, is covered by medical aid from EEOICPA. In addition, conditions that have arisen from the treatment of radiation-related illness are also under the health benefits an EEOICPA beneficiary can have. 

A health concern progressed into another disease — from beryllium sensitivity to chronic beryllium disease, for instance — is also a type of consequential illness. If ever the patient has experienced injuries while travelling for treatment, the expenses are also covered by the EEOICPA.

When Benefits Aren't Used Properly: Medical Expenses

The EEOICPA covers the medical expenses made prior to the approval of a petition. For instance, a survivor that has filed a claim in December 2014 but was not approved until December 2015. Any medical bill they had starting December 2014 that is related to the petition can be reimbursed. In cases where a worker dies while waiting for the approval of the petition, the medical costs can be recovered by the surviving family, as defined by Part B and Part E of the EEOICPA Federal Program.

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The EEOICPA aims to make nuclear victims (and those who were affected) live a better life. Know more of the benefits you or your loved ones can use to save on costs.