Don’t Ignore the Pain: When Small Symptoms Turn into Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergency in BrisbaneAs adults, you would usually take the minor pain in your mouth for granted. You’re too busy balancing your career and your gym time to even go to the dentist. The last time you probably went was when you had your wisdom tooth extracted at SmileTimeFamilyDental in Brisbane.

The problems in your mouth might seem small, but if you ignore it, it may lead to huge, painful and expensive problems.

Painful Toothaches

Toothaches are the usual indicator when something is wrong with your teeth. Toothaches range from minor to intense pain. The key thing is to know when you should have it checked.

According to an endodontist and dental emergency expert in Colorado named Ryan Stratton, DMD, you can tell the difference by weighing if the pain increases rapidly or frequently. This means you have a probable tooth problem like an abscess, cavity or crack. Stratton says if it was just sensitive teeth, temperature, chewing or touch triggered it.

Loose Tooth

Adults aren’t supposed to lose their tooth, so if you feel that you have a loose tooth, proceed to the dentist immediately even if you don’t feel pain. Stratton says loose teeth might mean a localised infection or tooth injury.

If you have red and bleeding gums along with that loose tooth, you might have advanced gum disease. Some untreated gum diseases may even lead to heart attack and heart disease.

Puffy Cheeks

A swelling around your mouth or jaw might mean a swollen lymph node, infected zit, or a gum or tooth infection. Stratton adds that it may be a symptom of cancer.

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The common notion is if the pain goes away, you got your problem solved. However, that is not the case most of the time. Take good care of your teeth to prevent bigger issues from developing.