Deck vs. Pontoon Boats: What’s the Difference?

a red pontoon boatIf you are torn about choosing between deck and pontoon boats for sale in Michigan, then you have to understand their differences, says D&R Sports Center (Boats Center). Many people face the same challenge because these two are the most popular in the category of leisure and fishing boats. Here are important factors you need to consider:


In general, a pontoon boat will be more affordable than a deck boat. However, there are luxury pontoon models that approach the same price point as deck boats. The engine is also a huge factor in price. Depending on what you choose, that alone could reach up to 50% of the boat’s price tag itself. The stylish ones also tend to be more expensive.

Hull, stability, and ride​

Deck models use a mechanism that allows the boat to cut through the water, accelerating faster than traditional pontoons. If a pontoon tries to get to the same level of speed, it will have to use more fuel. However, pontoons are great for socializing since its flat hull keeps the boat steady in the water.

Space and size​

Pontoon boats can safely and comfortably accommodate up to 16 people on larger units. Meanwhile, deck boats usually can only fit up to 12 passengers. Think about the purpose of your boat. If you are more on entertaining friends and family, then pontoons offer the best value. Decks, on the other hand, are ideal for cruising at higher speeds.


The same effort in upkeep is required for both pontoon and deck boats; the only difference will be on the hull cleaning. The hull of aluminum pontoons is generally easier to clean than a deck model’s fiberglass hull.

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Overall, pontoons provide better value when it comes to cost and stability. Although deck boats have more limitations with space, it will help you move through the water faster.