Craniofacial Problems: Here’s How Support Helps Kids with Facial Deformities

CraniofacialCraniofacial syndromes and deformities are conditions of the head particularly the facial area that are congenital. This means that an infant can acquire as a result of familial inheritance. This results from an interplay of the genes that carries the defective trait.

Many children across the globe suffer from this group of disorders. Though the most common types are cleft lip and cleft palate, there are tons of other disorders that fall into this category. Examples of other disorders include craniofacial microsomia, craniofacial tumors, craniosynostosis, Pierre Robin syndrome, Apert, Crouzon, and Treacher Collins syndrome.

Are Craniofacial Disorders Serious?

Though these disorders mainly affect the head and face, there are many disorder variations and varying degrees of severity. Some of the disorders will not affect the child mentally and cognitively, but others might take a toll on the child’s mental and over-all development.

While some of the kids might need minimal treatments for their disorders, others may require multiple surgeries over a couple of years. This mainly depends on the evaluation and assessment of the doctor or pediatric surgeon.

How Can It Be Treated?

The treatment depends on the condition and its severity. Commonly, surgeries are done to correct the deformity. However, the surgery isn’t done just once and the child needs to undergo a series of surgeries and reconstructive surgeries. These will ensure that the deformity will be corrected.

After the surgery, support and assistance for craniofacial are initiated in order to help the child recover from the intense experience. A lot of time and patience are needed to ensure that the child will fully recover.

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Craniofacial structures affect a lot of children not just physically, but also psychologically. To help these kids recover in all facets, craniofacial support is needed. The kids are in need of help from experts and others who are willing to assist them in full recovery.