Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Camping Gear

friends camping and eating foodCamping is not only a fun outdoor activity, but it can also even be good for your health. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to use your cool camping equipment and be adventurous out there. shares tips on cleaning and maintaining camping gear so you can use them for more trips to come.

Keep Things Organized

Every camper’s number one rule when it comes to equipment is organization. Before venturing out into the wilderness, make an inventory list of all the items you’ll be bringing. This way when you get home, you can check if there are any missing items or parts.

Strap stakes and pegs in a separate bag and be sure to replace broken ones. Remember to remove all batteries from your headlamp, GPS, flashlight, weather radio, and other outdoor gadgets.

Store Your Gear Properly

Start your cleaning ritual with your sleeping bags and mats. Follow the manufacturer’s directions when doing this. In case you lost the instructions, you can always check it on their website. After cleaning, dry and fluff your sleeping bag and store it in a large breathable sack.

Be sure you don’t fold it because doing so can break the synthetic fibers responsible for keeping you warm. You can just hang it from a hook and then place it under your bed for storage.

Clean Tent and Hydration Packs

Your tent suffers the brunt of weather the most. Dirt, rain, and sun can all weaken its material. Shake out all the dirt and debris after using your tent. Use only sponge and mild soap to wash the insides to prevent the waterproof nylon coating from suffering damage.

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Use warm water and a tablespoon of baking soda when cleaning water bottles and hydration packs. Rinse them again with warm water and air dry. Do not place the cap on when storing.

Your camping gear may take severe abuse since it is used in harsh conditions. It is important that you know how to maintain and make it last longer.