Bugatti Opens A Lifestyle Store In London

Opening lifestyle boutiques is becoming a trend these days as high-end automakers look on the possibility of reaching clients who can’t afford the cars they sell. This is evident in Bugatti’s recent launching of its first lifestyle store in London.

Many people don’t have the money to spend on luxury cars, but it doesn’t mean they can’t feel like they really own one. Bugatti, one of the world’s most popular car brands, has found a way to help aspiring owners of their high-performance vehicles get the swag they’re longing for.

The automaker has recently opened its first lifestyle boutique in the posh Knightsbridge section of London.

A Big Jump

bugattiExperts say this venture is a big change for Bugatti, considering it used to sell only high-end cars. Now, the brand is selling a wide range of men’s clothing and accessories from their Ettore Bugatti and Bugatti Performance Luxury collections. The London lifestyle boutique also offers in-store bespoke service for Bugatti owners. Visitors will enjoy the brand’s selection of limited edition Bugatti merchandise.

According to Bugatti president Wolfgang Dürheimer, the move into fashion is a natural fit. He said Bugatti is also a brand with “a unique lifestyle in keeping with the artistic roots of the Bugatti family.”

“Luxury super sports cars will always be our core business, but Bugatti also represents a very special luxury lifestyle,” Dürheimer said. “The stores will help grow Bugatti’s worldwide visibility,” he added.

Inside the Store

The Knightsbridge boutique features a unique interior design that clearly represents the brand. Visitors and customers may roam around the two sections that house Bugatti’s lifestyle collections. The marble-floored, Tron-lite section is where the Performance Luxury Collection is displayed. The Ettore Bugatti Collection can be found at the woody luxury area. Other standout features include:

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– An aluminium arc shaped like the Bugatti’s horseshoe grille
– Aluminium and carbon fibre display shelves

What’s in Store

The store houses authentic items, including clothes, bags, and accessories, and Lalique crystal objets d’art. It also features a great selection of furniture crafted by Ettore’s father, who was a cabinet maker. The boutique also sells different styles of sport jackets and other ready-to-wear items.

The Game Plan

The London store is said to be one of the planned 30 international outlets that will operate on a franchise basis. Bugatti is planning to open lifestyle boutiques in Tokyo, Doha and Dubai next year. Milan and Paris will follow. The company behind the famous Veyron car model will also put up a branch in the US some time in 2016, but its location hasn’t been announced.

Popular car brands such as Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz have successfully ventured into the business of lifestyle boutiques. Bugatti is looking forward to making its current undertaking a huge success.