Be a Chick Magnet: The Top 5 Cars Every Bachelor Needs to Own

sports carWomen may not admit it, but they adore men with a car that screams fast, functional and sophistication. A sleek, hot car can make a man sexy. If you want to impress, you need to own one. And, your choice of car can say a lot about you.

If you like the idea of catching women’s attention, this article lists cars that you have to consider buying. Read on to know the cars every bachelor needs.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Hatchback

This is the first car that you might think of buying. Alfa Romeo Giulietta Hatchback is not only fun to drive, but also boasts a stylish interior layout. It has distinctive looks that will surely capture the attention of many., a leading vehicle auction group, says this powerful car has a strong reputation of offering eye-catching features than most of its rivals.

Audi A8

Though there are some women who are Audi owners, it has been, and always will be a man’s car. Many guys love the extravagance and performance offered by the Audi A8. The full-size luxury sedan is well priced and equipped with good engines. The car comes with a supercharged V6 engine that many consider as powerful and refined. Auto experts say that the A8 has a distinct advantage that only few cars can match: Aluminum frame and body panels.

BMW 118d

This car is a great bet for singles. The BMW 118d offers low CO2 emissions and flexible performance. For starters, the need-to-know information about the BMW 1 series is the front engine and rear-wheel-drive set up with a 50:50 weight balance. The car also features exceptional driving dynamics and 2.0-litre multi-point injection turbo intercooled diesel. BMW is an option well worth having.

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Ford Falcon XT

Don’t know what car you should drive as a bachelor? Worry no more by buying a Ford Falcon. The roomy, four-door sedan doesn’t just offer a central lock, alloy wheels and climate control, it also comes with a good engine. The car gives you a reason to buy a luxury vehicle.

Bentley Continental

With its prestigious brand image, you will not regret buying a Bentley Continental. The impressive car features excellent interior materials and high-tech controls. It’s a great car for travel, business meetings or dinner dates.

To make the most of your freedom, own one of these cars. Start to enjoy and embrace the single life with one of these hot wheels.