Basics of CrossFit: What you Need to Know

Fundamentals of CrossFit in PerthJust starting to feel the need to stretch your muscles and shed those belly fat? Looking for the best exercise regimen which is fast paced, intense and will keep you motivated and challenged? Then look no further, CrossFit may be the right workout program you’ve been looking for.

Right now, you might be thinking, ‘Yeah, I’ve heard of CrossFit, but that’s it’, so here are some common Q and A’s of CrossFit Training from Dynamo Fitness Equipment:

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness training program developed by Greg Glassman with the intent of creating a fitness regimen specifically designed to ‘increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains’, meaning this program is designed to help you develop multiple strengths and skills in varying degrees of intensity.

CrossFit is a continuous, intense workout which makes use of a combination multiple movements from different areas, such as boxing, rowing, and weight lifting to name a few, giving you a training that lets you experience the highlights of some exercise programs.

It sounds pretty much like the usual workout, what’s the difference?

A CrossFit regimen will motivate you to increase your effort with the use of score boards, everyone in the program will keep track of the number of repetitions that they can perform in a specified amount of time, making you want to beat your old record. And, because it’s a non-stop continuous workout with a time limit, you have no choice but to continue moving and pushing yourself.

What should I expect on my first day?

Each type of gym usually uses a WOD or workout of the day, these can vary from gym to gym, making each session dynamic and unique. You should expect 10-15 minute stretching or warm up exercises then followed by 15 minutes of continuous and repetitive core workout which may include kick-boxing, the kettlebell and box jumps. And remember, you do these exercises without stopping, and it’s repeatedly, so it may sound easy, but prepare to be soaked in your own sweat!

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So after you survive the main workout, it is followed by relatively easy cooling down exercises.

I’m game, what should I bring on my first day?

Wear comfy shoes and attire and because you will be burning a lot of those fats and sweating a gallon a minute. Remember to bring lots of water to rehydrate!

CrossFit is now a growing trend in the fitness industry and you should consider trying it, but if you are more of a private and shy person there are fitness stores around Perth that sell CrossFit equipment you can use in the comfort of your own home.