Asthma and Chiropractic Care: Can Spinal Adjustments Help?

Chiropractic Care in Salt Lake City, UtahA variety of traditional allopathic allergy and asthma treatments exist — from shots to oral medicines, inhalers, and corticosteroids. Even with the advances in treatment options, however, complications and diseases associated with asthma and allergies continue to rise.

The Link Between Asthma and Chiropractic Care

Asthma occurs due to several environmental factors, such as air pollutants, related illnesses, emotional stress or genetic predisposition. It causes wheezing, shortness of breath, phlegmy cough that usually progresses to an asthma attack. When this occurs, the patients will require immediate medical attention in case an inhaler doesn’t work.

These symptoms manifest because asthma constricts the airway and lungs, which then leads to inflammation, making the body work harder to transport oxygen to cells that need it. While the majority of asthmatic individuals resort to medications and inhalers for maintenance, studies have found that chiropractic care is capable of improving asthma with routine treatment. As a result, there could be a viable alternative to traditional asthma treatments.

Realigning the Spine

Chiropractic care for asthma involves realigning the spine, and consequently the nerves, which serve a host of functions the body performs. According to studies, chiropractic manipulation is capable of adjusting and eliminating obstructions while performing nerve impulse conduction on the airway and lungs. Experienced chiropractors in Salt Lake City, Utah agree, by restoring a patient’s natural state of spinal alignment, his or her nerves will be able to work as they should and enable the lungs to work in their optimum condition.

Apart from improving nerve function, chiropractic manipulations could help asthma patients by resolving problems with musculoskeletal alignment of the spine and rib cage. Their thoracic cavity will also be able to function optimally and regulate oxygen throughout the entire body.

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Since asthma is a widespread disease, it’s important to be on the lookout for available treatment options, as some patients may respond more effectively to other therapies. Chiropractic is a non-invasive asthma therapy for those who’ve either tried many forms of traditional therapies that didn’t work or those who want an alternative to asthma medications.