3 Things to Do in Deer Creek

Camping In OhioWhen it comes to your ideal outdoor vacation place in Ohio, you can't go wrong with Deer Creek. With its scenic views of meadows and forests combined with a beautiful expanse of crystal waters, Deer Creek has become a well-loved and often-visited destination for anyone looking to get some good outdoor sunshine.

Whether you're dropping by with your family, friends or loved ones, there are many activities you can choose from here in Deer Creek!


Whenever it’s a question of the great outdoors, you definitely need to go camping. Pitch your tents, make your campfire and experience all that Deer Creek has to offer! While in the day you go on adventures, at night you can hang out by the campfire, telling stories and eating good food. Cap it off with a cozy night in your tent while being lulled to sleep by nature’s sounds, or with stargazing.


You can’t go to Deer Creek and not go boating – it’s clear, serene lake is one of the things that make Deer Creek so majestic. You can ride a boat by getting one from one of the boat rentals like 801 Power Sports, head to the center of the lake, lay back and relax. You’ll be surprised with how fast time can fly by, and you won’t even know it.

Travel along the Deer Creek Trail

If you’re in the mood for something more physically active during the day, you can do so at Deer Creek trail. You can go horse-riding, hiking or biking. At the end, you get rewarded with a fantastic view of Deer Creek, and take photos to bring home as a remembrance!

Whoever you’re with and whatever you’re in the mood for, Deer Creek is an ideal place for a bit of a weekend adventure. The backdrop to your outdoor activities is breathtaking on its own, and coupled with some of the activities here, you can make your weekend into something unforgettable. Feel free to inquire with State Park authorities before you head there to make sure it won’t rain too much and that it’s safe to go.