3 Must-Know Facts for First-Time Fishers

Good HousekeepingOver 40 million people go fishing each year. This is no surprise since fishing is considered a beneficial activity, with how it involves body movement and bonding with peers. Fishing stores in Michigan such as D&R Sports Center offer the equipment you’d need like reels, tackle, and live bait. Here are some facts to know if you’re fishing for the first time.

Freshwater Fishing

You can fish at sea, but that could be too dangerous for first-timers. Going to a lake or river would be more ideal since these freshwater bodies are safer and also have delectable species of fish. Freshwater fishing comes with prerequisites in certain states, like licenses to check if you’re old enough to fish.

Fishing Gear

It’s also necessary to note the tools needed to fish. A rod or reel refers to the stick that you swing forward while a tackle or wire is attached to it. Hooked to the tackle is the bait, like insects. Once a fish gets the bait, this will cause the tackle to become taut and tug at your rod, signaling the holder that a fish has been baited.

Safety Measures

Once you’ve learned how to do the basics, don’t forget the safety measures. Always fish with a companion who can help you in case something untoward happens. Also be careful with using sharp tools like hooks while you swing the rod. Wear a life vest or any Coast Guard-approved flotation device, especially if you don’t know how to swim yet.

Fishing is favored by many as a bonding activity that helps you catch a lean, healthy, source of protein. Starting to fish is fairly easy according to fishing gear suppliers, especially if you have a companion who can guide you in the process. Once you start to fish, you’d have something you can do with family or peers, and servings of protein on your plate.