3 Last-Minute Vegas Makeovers You Can Do

Last Minute Makeovers in VegasYou don’t always plan a trip to Las Vegas, but when you do, you have to look good. Vegas is home to glitz, glam, and beautiful people — and you can be a part of all that. How? You can try these:

Get Dolled Up

Las Vegas is filled with celebrities, entertainers, showgirls, and all sorts of performers who need lots of makeup artists. Get your glitz on with some makeup and fancy 3D eyelash extensions. Whether it’s a whirlwind wedding or just a night’s out with your girlfriends, you always have to look good. You don’t just make memories, you also take a lot of pictures — so do your best to look your best.

Dress Like a Celebrity

You’re in Vegas so dress as classy or as wild as you want. Remember (again) that there will be photos. Visit the Strip for your shopping needs. If you’re a little more adventurous, try the local retailers that are trying to make their name in the fashion industry. Who knows, maybe one of them will hit it big. You want to stand out, but not so much that you look ridiculous.

Get a Younger Husband

No, not a new one — just pamper your husband a bit and convince him to be a part of your Vegas makeover. Try out things that he wouldn’t normally do. Vegas is one of the places men visit to have hair treatments, so can have your man get scalp micropigmentation treatments and get him looking younger and hunkier. Dress him up like George Clooney, Will Smith, or a casual Ryan Reynolds. If you want to look and feel like a celebrity, it’s great to have a hot date.

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A romp in the bright lights and decadence of Vegas is one hell of an experience. Look your best, but no crazy stuff. Remember, what happens in Vegas gets immortalized in social media.