Winning the Game of Suitcase Tetris

Packing upSo you’ve finally booked an affordable flight, you’re stoked to pack up and… wait, pack up?

Oh, boy.

A lot of people find organizing their carry all the worst. But fear no more, here are some tips worth looking at to reduce, not only the size and number of bags you carry but your stress when traveling.

Number Your Days

One of the biggest crimes the occasional traveler can commit is not packing to match the number of days their journey will take. People seem to have this idea that they can just wing it and buy whatever is missing from their suitcase or backpack when they get to their destination, especially if they have saved money with cheap flights from South Bend, Indiana.

Sadly, the new experiences that come your way, not to mention the itinerary you and your travel companions have to stick to, can stop you from any last minute purchases. Try to pack at least one pair of indoor clothes and one pair of outdoor clothes per day per person. If you know there’s a laundry service nearby then you can bring less than that.

Bag It

If the trip allows for multiple carrying cases, by all means, separate things by simple categories. Take the time to prepare one bag for clothes, another for electronics (make sure the bag is lined with some kind of shock and water resistant material), and smaller bags for accessories and toiletries.

If you’re bringing a suitcase, don’t feel weird about going Bagception on it and put smaller bags into it just to make sure nothing is lost or disorganized. You can also make things much easier to remember and put together by putting labels on each bag. Moreover, consider color coordinating bags and then keeping a list on your phone, such as red for Dad, blue for Mom, or Yellow for house clothes.

Tech It Out

Technology nowadays can be used for far more than just selfies, blogging, and the occasional phone call. Use your camera to take photos of your belongings for the trip so you won’t have to make a written list. Lay out your clothes or other items in the floor, table, or bed beside the bad they’re going in so you can check if anything is missing or in the right place before you pack up for the home trip.

You can even use new applications to track your bags: install a locator app and stick one of the app’s stickers so you can pinpoint them in a crowded room or at the airport baggage terminal. And a great technological find: vacuum bags for your clothes with its own vacuum.

There’s no need to panic about packing. A good traveler knows what they need to get by and will always focus on the journey. If you feel safe with your luggage, then you have less on your mind and can eventually enjoy your trip. Happy and safe travels!