What Happens When You Reach Reiki Level 2 Attunement?

Woman meditatingOnce you achieve Reiki Level 2 attunement, you experience a larger awareness of being connected to all levels of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wholeness. Having a balanced health is similarly possible.

What you need to know about attunement

Attunement is referred to as Reiju in Japanese. When translated into English, Reiju is described as a “spiritual energy blessing.” This ceremony places the body into a universal spiritual energy state using ancient symbols or sounds. These symbols intend to harmonize the body’s mental and emotional state. It also aims to align an individual’s spirit to his or her authentic self. This ceremony clears the body’s energy pathways or meridians thus allowing the energy of Ki to flow freely.

What happens when you achieve Reiki Level 2?

Being attuned to Reiki Level 2 allows you to open your heart chakra. The heart chakra is your connection to the spiritual realms. The instance your heart chakra opens, you will experience a subtle increase in your intuition. Similarly, your energies will heighten. Once you feel an increase in your energy, you will have the ability to do distant healing, heal deep traumas, heal relationships, heal emotional crises, and heal situations from the present, past or future.

The Reiki levels

Reiki level 2 is focused on doing Reiki healing on others. A few Reiki teachers highly recommend a minimum of 21 days prior to receiving Level 2 Reiki due to its intense attunement process compared to Level 1. However, according to Vagabond Temple, some Masters are able to combine both Reiki 1 training and a Reiki Level 2 course. The Third Degree Reiki or Master Reiki are usually one designation. The separation only occurs to differentiate the Master attunement process and the training that occurs when attuning new Reiki practitioners or students.

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All in all, receiving attunement at any level allows you to accept blessings as you go through your journey towards self-responsibility.