Vests: Western Styles for Women

American West Rodeo Cowboy WearWestern vests have a unique look that set it apart from your regular waistcoats. Vests traditionally use suede with fringes, but now these western garments can be in denim, leather and paisley prints.  The material ensures that they are durable and comfortable, and makes anyone, man or woman, look great in their western apparel.

Vests are comfortable

Compared to jackets or coats, vests can be more comfortable on a sunny day, but could also add an extra layer of warmth on cold days. For working men or women, A.A. Callister explains that western vests allow them to do vigorous activities because their arms are free. Also, they are lightweight compared to jackets and coats.

Best matches for vests

Are you wondering what to wear with the new vest you just bought?  The best combination for a western vest for women includes well-fitting button-down shirts (long or short sleeves), denim skirts, and cowboy boots that match your skirt’s hemline.  You could also choose to wear leggings or jeans for a more casual look.

Some women choose to wear vests over a dress or pantsuit. These vests are more elaborate than other western vests, as they could be longer or have applique, fringes, and beads.  These can still have a western appeal but could be worn for more formal occasions. You can also add some accessories: bead necklaces, metal bracelets and hoop earrings all make you look fashionable in your western outfit.

Western vest designs for women

Vests for women come in a variety of designs. Traditional vests use leather, but there are also vests that use denim, fur, suede, and even knitted cotton.  Vests could also come in different lengths and shapes, it all depends on what kind of event you want to wear it.

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Western vests are not only for ranch or farm work. You can wear them for casual get-togethers or even a formal occasion, as long as your vest has the right look and style.