US States Launch Holiday Weight Management Programs

EatThe holiday season is here and most people are worried about their overall health, particularly their weight. They fear they might gain more weight as they indulge in rich, delicious food during the holidays.

Officials from many states in the US encourage their constituents to watch their weight and be extra careful with what they eat. While many say gaining weight during the holiday season is inevitable, there’s a bunch of ways to reduce the possibility. Officials believe that by participating in special weight management or weight loss programs, people can avoid those extra pounds.

The Holiday Season is the Time to Gain Weight: True or False?

The answers would vary among respondents. Some may think this is true, while others, especially those who are more conscious about their weight and figure, will disagree. Studies show that Americans usually gain between one and five pounds throughout the holidays. Most of them can’t seem to lose those extra pounds afterwards. This prompts many health experts, including government officials, to create programs that aim to help Americans maintain their weight during the holidays.

Florida’s Key to Effective Holiday Weight Loss Management

In a season where almost everybody eats and drinks more than their body needs, weight gain could be a problem. It’s the Florida Department of Health’s mission to help people counter the effects of poor lifestyle and eating habits. Officials have launched a free program to encourage participants to watch their weight throughout the season.

According to State Surgeon General Dr. John Armstrong, the program includes practical steps, healthy recipes, and consistent motivation. Participants receive daily weight management tips, mid-week challenges, and support from other people who joined the program.

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Officials said the challenge runs through December 31.

Ohio’s Answer to Holiday Weight Gain

The Ross County Ohio State University Extension Office takes a huge step towards helping residents reach their holiday goals by offering a program called Zero Weight Gain Challenge. The program offers guidance and encouragement to participants at no charge. The six-week challenge encourages participants to stay fit by performing regular physical activities and eating healthy food. It also provides the following:

  • Tips on stress management
  • Healthy recipes
  • Ideas for giving to others
  • Information on calories in beverages
  • E-communications (twice a week)
  • Access to the Live Healthy, Live Well blog and Facebook page

How is Maintaining a Healthy Weight Throughout the Holiday Season Possible?

According to health experts, it’s possible to maintain or lose weight even during the season of eating and drinking.

“Maintaining weight is a matter of balance — energy balance,” said Exercise Physiologist Sara Krebs, program coordinator of Mid Michigan Health’s Medical Weight Management Program.

“If you take in more calories than you burn in physical activity, you store the extra energy around your body, mostly as fat, and gain weight. To maintain your weight, you need to balance the energy you take in with the energy you burn,” he added.