Tired of Baked Potato? Here Are 4 Ways to Jazz It Up

couple garnishing the plateThere’s no denying that Americans love potatoes. In fact, it is one of the largely consumed vegetables in the country. And baked potatoes are just as famous as French fries. But if you’re tired of eating plain, boring baked potatoes, here are three ways that Bless This Mess shares you can jazz them up for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

1. Top it with chili con carne

You can prepare your chili con carne and top your baked potato with it, or you can use the one that cones in a can. Whatever you decide, the key is to add more flavor to your baked potato dish by adding some interesting toppings. Chili con carne is popular because of its tangy, beefy, tomato-y goodness! Add some quezo on top and then broil. You can serve it along with some soft tacos and crema.

2. Top it with smoked mackerel and chili mayo

Forget the bacon bits. Well, at least for now. Add something more decadent like a slice of smoked mackerel and some spicy mayo. Add some chopped dill and sprinkle with salt and pepper and you have something that’s better than a bagel and smoked salmon.

3. Top it with some broccoli and cheese

You know how some people like to top their baked potatoes with mac n cheese? If you’re trying to be on the healthier side of things, swap the pasta with some broccoli. Make some broccoli with cheese sauce and top your baked potato with it.

4. Top it with spinach!

If you want to add some greens, forget the chives. Go for spinach instead. You can lightly toss some baby spinach with olive oil, salt, and pepper and top your baked potato with it. You can also cream it and add some cheesy breadcrumbs for that crunch.

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If you love baked potatoes, you should try these unique toppings to go along with it. And remember that for healthier options, you can always swap butter and cream with yogurt and plain milk if you want to make baked mashed potatoes.