Three Ways To Give Yourself A New Look

New LookEvery woman has experienced it at some point; you just wake up wanting to look different. It’s nothing major like plastic surgery, but just a boost that will make you feel more confident when heading out the door. Fortunately, there are ways to change your look even if it’s just for a month or a day.

Change Your Wardrobe

A woman’s style is usually determined by the clothes she wears. The fun thing about that is that you have to constantly experiment to perfect the style that you want to be associated with. Are you feeling a bit Preppy today? Then don some pastels and complete the look with a ¾-sleeve coat. Are you in a more laid-back mood? Keep it simple by going with jeans and a basic tee. Screaming sporty? Top your most casual outfit with Rosche shoes. Be creative in mixing and matching your clothes.

Get a New Haircut

What’s the use of the many hair salons in Perth if you seldom go inside one? Don’t be afraid to take a seat, face the mirror, and let the pros touch your hair. Of course, you still have the choice on what to do with your locks—but it doesn’t hurt to consult the experts either. Circles of Subiaco says professionals can recommend cuts, colours and style to suit your face shape and lifestyle. If you want a radical change with your appearance, why not consider changing your hair colour? Or, if you’re really up for a major change, you can even ask to either straighten or perm your hair.

Play with Make-up

Nothing beats the finishing touch of applying make-up. It can change your appearance so much — that if you’re not careful with it, you may get negative results. You may have a signature lipstick shade or whatnot, but don’t you think it will be fun if you try something different for a change? For instance, why not go out with smoky eyes for fun? Or have cat eyes with mascara? Don’t be afraid to add colour to your face—just make sure you don’t like a clown.

People say you should have your signature look—but how will you know that without experimenting with your appearance first? Should you get frustrated in finding your style, always remember that you’re doing that for the sheer fun of it.