This Do-it-Yourself Art Will Make Your Blank Walls Scream for Joy

Wall DecorationsWho says you can’t afford art? Yes, you can! Creating your own piece of an art print is both rewarding and life-changing. It’s always heart-warming to see lovely pictures come to life when they are framed and put up in walls or on a console table. At the same time, it’s exciting to learn how to do something useful from scratch.

Still, you can buy limited edition art prints if you prefer them over handmade art. However, there may come a time when you can’t find a print that suits your taste. You should know how to make one for yourself.

Here are some quick and simple DIY projects you can start to create wall art for your home.

Chevron Painting

You can buy a Chevron stencil online and use it to paint a canvass. Gold Chevron paintings are trending right now, but you can try other colors. Use acrylic paint for this project. After you’re done, spray clear coat paint over your work to avoid dust buildup.

Dots on the Wall

You can either do this DIY project on paper or canvass. However, if you prefer to do this on paper, you have to frame it in a glass, so it will not get dirty in the long run.

Simply prepare potatoes to cut in half, crosswise. Use a brush to add paint on the cut side. Press the potato on your paper or canvass. Do this repeatedly until you have the whole canvass or paper filled with dots. You can choose to align the dots for a more balanced look.

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Printed Photos

This one’s the easiest. Simply choose a digital picture you love. Print it using a high-quality printer on high-quality photo paper (or any high-quality paper would do). Frame it and you’re done. You can also buy limited edition art prints if you don’t want to go through all this hassle.

Parting Tip

If you want a sophisticated look, go for a solid color. If you want your walls to look bubbly, use multiple colors for a single project.