The Natural Way: Be Healthy and Improve Fertility

infertility treatment optionsIn 2014, the Office for National Statistics reported that 47.5 per cent of children are born to unmarried couples. And yet many married couples have problems conceiving. Sometimes, conceiving isn’t that easy. Many couples go to the doctors to seek medical treatments to increase their fertility, but it is a time-consuming and expensive process that may not guarantee conclusive results.

But did you know that there are many natural infertility treatment options that are fast, inexpensive and easy to do? If you’re trying to conceive, these natural methods may help:

  1. Eat the Right Kind of Food

Get better chances of conceiving if you start eating foods that are good for you. Make sure to include adequate amounts of protein such as meat, fish, low-fat dairy products, eggs and beans. Also include zinc, iron, vitamin C and vitamin D in your diet.

  1. Watch Your Workplace

Watch out for hazardous chemicals in the workplace that contribute to infertility. Radiation from machines and common industrial chemicals can affect your menstrual cycle and decrease fertility.

  1. Watch Your Weight

Excess body fat poses a lot of health risks and it can decrease your chances of getting pregnant because of the overproduction of certain hormones. Very little body fat is not good either: Your body will not produce enough hormones to sustain pregnancy. ConceivePlease says you should aim for a body mass index between 20 and 24.

  1. Get enough sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in the production of hormones needed during pregnancy. Sleep deprivation impairs bodily functions, too. Make sleep a priority so that you’ll get higher chances of getting pregnant.

  1. Minimise stress levels
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Learn to handle stress better to get pregnant — and to keep the pregnancy. Experts say that chronic stress during pregnancy can negatively impact the child’s development and may result in early delivery.

These can help you to be healthier and more fertile. However, remember that patience is a virtue. It may take a while for these things to work. Increase your chances even more by asking your doctor about treatments that go well with these natural methods.