The Dangers Lurking Inside Your Carpet

Your carpetThere is a world out there of microorganisms that we can’t see. Without the proper precautions, they can live in your home and give you all sorts of health problems.

Your family can spend a lot of time on the floor. Kids especially love to play on carpets as they are soft and comfortable. Your pets, too, may love rolling on the carpets. Just walking on the carpets can stir up particles inside and mix these with the air you breathe.

Think about all this activity and imagine what each one leaves behind and, more importantly, picks up from the carpets. If your carpet was cleaned ages ago, you might just have given your family a formula for disaster. This is why it is important to regularly have carpet cleaning. Highland is just one area where there are efficient and reliable services available for cleaning your carpets.

Getting cozy with the unhealthy

Carpets are great as they are cozy materials for your home, but a dirty carpet is a health risk. A dirty carpet can be the breeding ground for microbial organisms invisible to the naked eye.

Dust mites love living in carpets as these provide them with a steady source of food: your dead skin cells. Each person sheds off skin cells daily and these end up on the floor. Dust mites may not bite, but they can trigger asthma and allergy attacks.

Mold is another organism that can live in your carpet. Like dust mites, they can also trigger allergies and asthma, but there are some types of mold that are powerfully toxic. Molds grow on damp, moist places and carpets which get liquids spilled on them constantly are excellent examples.

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Keeping your carpets clean

It is nearly impossible to keep microorganisms out of your home, so the best way to deal with them is to keep them in check. Regularly cleaning your carpets will guarantee you less exposure to allergens and possible toxins. Ask a professional carpet cleaning service if they can provide you with the recommended ways of cleaning up molds or dust mites.

Remember that regular carpet cleaning ensures you are safe from the threats of dust mites and molds. When you think it’s time to have your carpet cleaned, don’t hold it off for another day longer.