Stay Young Looking for Longer with These Techniques

Lady with her smooth skinYou can’t stop time or freeze your looks to defy it, but there are ways to avoid looking older than your age. With proper care and enough discipline, you can stay young looking for longer here’s how.

Protect your skin from the sun

Nothing speeds up aging quite like the UV rays from the sun. When your skin “burns”, it loses moisture and elasticity. Getting old does this too, but the sun speeds up the process. Protect your skin from the sun as much as possible. Use sunscreen every day, especially if you’re the outdoorsy type.

Don’t think your skin is safe when you’re indoors, though. The light coming in through the windows and doors, reflected by mirrors and shiny objects, can still do some damage. At the beach, the sand and water reflect a lot of light. So even if you use an umbrella or hat, always wear sunscreen.

Keep your teeth clean and healthy

Brush and floss regularly and see your dentist every six months. Have your teeth cleaned. It may also help to give them a little whitening treatment sometimes (don’t overdo it, or it will ruin your teeth). If you lose any teeth, get dental implants or comparable replacements. Lost teeth make you look older, as the gaps make your face sag.

Avoid fine lines and wrinkles

Nobody wants wrinkles. Unfortunately, they will appear at some point. You can protect your face from wrinkles and fine lines without surgery, though. You may want to try Juvederm treatment in New York City. This injectable filler can handle moderate to severe cases of facial folds and wrinkles, helping you look years younger.

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A typical injection may last anywhere from six months to a year. Compared to bovine-based collagen, this hyaluronic acid injectable filler has been proven to provide better results and have fewer issues. There are even variants that contain some lidocaine for less discomfort during injection.

Work out

Keep your muscles firm and taut with some gym time. Working out also helps your body overall. Your skin becomes toned and your heart gets more active. Your muscles get stronger. You also lose those unwanted fats that make you look older and less attractive.

These tips may help you push back aging a little longer. You may not be able to stop time, but you can at least work on getting more of it.