Sprucing Upa Pad the Manly Way

bachelor padDirty clothes everywhere, walls full of posters of sports team (or sexy ladies) and a distinct stench, which is like a horrible mixture of old socks and body odour—these are usually the first impressions that come to mind whenever someone thinks of a bachelor pad. Bachelor pads have long ago gained a reputation as living spaces for men with nothing much, aside from constantly thinking of beer and girls.

You can disprove such claims! While most men have no penchant for interior design, you can carry out some simple steps to improve your living space. When decorating, it’s your goal to make your home free of clutter, airy and inviting. Here are some tips:

The Main Colour

You know the rule: darker colours are manlier. If you want to stick with this design tenet, your choices should be the likes of navy blue or charcoal. Staying on the safe side means using neutral colours, such as white, black and grey. Don’t be afraid to use lighter colours if you want to make your space appear roomier. These colours work best if you have large windows, which allow natural light to come in. GlobalDecorating.com.au suggests consulting residential painting experts for hues that are suitable for the size of your space.

Your Furnishings

Choose furniture that suits your pad’s motif. If your space looks industrial, invest in furnishings that have minimalistic structures and clean lines. For an eclectic appeal, combining art deco furniture and Zen style usually works. Don’t forget the couch. Couches have a special place in any bachelor pad, as they’re multi-functional; they can always double as beds.

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The Accessories

There should only be a few accessories at home. But, make sure these items pull everything together in the space. In the living room, for instance, you can leave out ornate curtain rods and freestanding installations if you have a large triptych already mounted on the wall. This will attract the vision of the observer, making anything else in the room quite unnoticeable.

Modern bachelor pads are not only about unstructured and dirty living spaces. Keep these tips in mind if you want to woo the ladies or prove mum that you’re all grown up.