Smartlipo: What You Need To Know

 Smartlipo in Layton Over the years, new surgical techniques and advancements have had a period of intense anxiety and excitement by surgeons, public, as well as the media before they are fully accepted and incorporated. Even after gathering a lot of information about the new techniques and procedures, some people may still be hesitant.

One of the most recent forms of fat reduction surgery is Smartlipo. More and more people in Layton are becoming interested and concerned about this procedure. What is more, others are even going for the procedure without knowing what it entirely entails.

Here’s what you need to know about Smartlipo:

What is Smartlipo?

Davis Surgical Associates says this is a laser-assisted liposuction procedure that is minimally invasive for the removal of extra fat deposits on the body or even face.

The procedure

One of the major reasons why people avoided the traditional liposuction procedure is because it involved cutting and opening your body so that the fat can be drained out. This left some scarring on the body of patients.

In Smartlipo, the procedure involves a mild laser carefully running over the part on your body with excess fat. This will melt the extra fat and convert it into liquid form. In this liquid state, the fat can easily be drained out of the body through tubes with the help of a vacuum pump.


Just like any other surgery, you can expect to have some mild bruising, slight swelling, and a bit of sore tenderness after the procedure. But this will only take a few days. The swelling will go away in about 2 weeks. Your will see significant changes in your body in about a month. However, the full results can take as much as 3-6 months.

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What to expect

Smartlipo is a fat reduction procedure that can burn up to 8 pounds in just one session. The procedure involved is safe, but you may experience some irritation and bruises in the areas where the surgery has been conducted. This should not worry you because it will be gone in a few days.

This procedure is popular among its users because of the fact that it does not leave behind sagging skin; unlike other traditional procedures. The use of a laser, apart from just melting fat in the body, also tightens the skin. This prevents the skin to sag and maintains its elasticity.

All in all, if you are considering to have a Smartlipo, always seek the services of a qualified and experienced surgeon.