Slowing Down: The Advantages of Slow Parenting

a father and daughter spending time togetherIt’s a sad reality: Singaporeans are spending less time with their families. According to a 2016 survey, parents working long hours is a factor that makes it difficult for families to bond.

The Busy Life

This culture of busyness is not just about career matters; it translates to parenting as well. Many parents believe that the busier they are when it comes to their children’s activities, the better they become at spending time with the little ones. As a result, mums are signing kids up for sports clubs and attending musical recitals here and there.

There’s nothing wrong with being hard-working when it comes to parenting. But there’s also value in slowing down; in shifting from doing too many activities to making the most of the activities. Quality time over quantity.

The Joys of Slow Parenting

Slow parenting has been a trending parenting style in the past years because of the fast-paced lifestyle many families adopt. It means you allow children to explore at their own pace. Instead of making them go through so many extracurricular activities, you do things together in no hurry, whether that is going to a park or beach, or just chilling or watching a light show in one of Singapore’s best venues. The key is to slow down when you’re feeling tempted to go too busy.

This parenting style works, as it focuses on quality time, rather than just doing a lot of things. It gives your little ones some space, some time to think about what they want to do, instead of you imposing on them. They are able to rest as well, which gives them that creativity and energy for the things they love.

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Perhaps the most important thing is you are not tired. Parenting is hard work and you would need to save as much energy as you can to deal with the demands of everyday life. The more rested and relaxed you are, the better you can respond to your children’s needs, whether that is physical, mental or emotional.

Start adapting slow parenting today. Ditch the busy life and embrace the joys of slowing down and spending quality time with your little ones.