Shedding an Extra Inch: Targeting Stubborn Fats

a big-bellied man holding a mug of beerFighting fat in specific areas may seem to be a challenge for many. Most people end up with fat deposits on places they might not like. Even when you are spending more hours in the gym, you may find these stubborn fats lingering where you least like them to. While several studies may have debunked spot reduction, you might still do it in the hopes of finally getting rid of that extra inch.

It can be annoying to give extra effort but still come up with little improvement. Whenever you feel like giving up, remember that you might just not be looking at the right places for answers. Spot reduction exercises may not help but these things can:

Gel Application

It may seem like the last thing you will ever do but using body contouring gel is the closest you can get to targeting fats. Applying gel directly onto your skin where stubborn fats hide may help speed up the burning process in those areas. Following the right procedure is a must or you will end up wasting these products.

Most of these contouring gels come with creams you can use as aftercare. Industry leading company, Phytomer, notes that contouring gels not only help burn fat, but also detoxify your skin. The fats you might be complaining about are actually stubborn cellulite, which these gels can fix.


Your struggle with excess body fat may not be over as long as you keep eating the same foods that are high in sugar. Turning to juicing instead of store bought drinks can greatly help reduce the amount of sugars going into your body every meal. Introducing this process might be a lot of work, but if you are dedicated to losing fat, this is the way to go.

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Shedding that excess fat is achievable when you find what works for you. When you do, your discipline is what takes you further.