Saying Goodbye to School Jitters: Preparation is Key

Children studyingAlmost every child has that first day school jitters. This may also happen to parents, especially to those who are new at being one. As the saying goes, preparation is the key to eliminating those jitters and making a child’s first day in school enjoyable.

How can you fully prepare your kid and yourself for the big day? shares some of the steps you should not miss:

Talk about it

You should be discussing with your child about what to expect from school. Explain how school works and how students interact with one another. Explain that children stay in one room with a teacher that they have to listen to during the entire period. Ask your kid about the setup. After all, it is healthy to have your kid talk about fears of being away from home even if it is just for a short period.

Get the right supplies

Before the big day, it is important to have your child’s necessities ready – the primary school wear, shoes, bag, and school supplies. Make sure you have these at least a month before school starts. As for your child’s food, you can make a weekly menu of what to bring to school. This will make it easier to prepare your child’s daily lunch.


Attend school orientations to know more about how the system works. Tour your child around the school. This will help your child be more familiar and comfortable with the school. To ease your child’s worries, share some of your own memories in school. If you know someone who will be going to the same school as your kid, arrange a meet-up between them. It will be easier for your child to adapt to the school with someone to they know.

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Your child’s first day in school is all about assurance. Do not pass on your jitters—more importantly, tell your kid to have fun.