Rewards That Never Get Old: Why Granny Flats are a Growing Trend

Granny FlatGranny flats are a booming trend with Australian homeowners. Around the country, there is an increase in homeowners building or buying granny flats due to their many rewards.

A granny flat is a term used to describe secondary dwellings on a property. They can be separate structures or built to the homeowner’s main house or garage. They are also smaller compared to primary households. Granny flat designs differ according to the homeowner’s options.

The Popularity of Granny Flats

These little homes are a growing popular choice for homeowners in the past few years. Because of expensive house and rent pricings, families are looking at different options to help kids achieve independence and elders to have their privacy and autonomy.

Granny flats also appeal to investors, as granny flats are cheaper to construct and increases rent yield by 10%. The extra income is used to pay off mortgages and other repayments. Some homeowners claim that granny flats solve housing shortage problems in the cities.

The Added Bonuses of Granny Flats

Building or purchasing a granny flat comes with many rewards. When you add a granny flat to your home or investment plans, benefits include:

• Great investment options

• Additional security, especially when you are out on vacations or emergencies

• Someone to look after your pets, tend to the garden and get your mail

• A good downsizing choice especially for empty nesters

Uses for Granny Flats

There are numerous reasons people choose to build or purchase granny flats. It is a worthwhile investment and an economic addition to homes or properties. Its uses are many, and it easily adapts to a homeowner’s lifestyle. Some of these include:

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• Starter lodging for newlyweds

• Housing for aging parents

• Additional bedrooms for growing families

• Home office

• Hobby space

• Rental space for additional income

Granny flats are great investment choices for Australian homeowners. There’s more to these little dwellings than what meets the eye. Despite their small size, they offer big rewards for those who take their chances with granny flats.