Reversing the Signs of Aging: Products that Work

Youth and radiance are closely associated with beauty. Those who are younger are considered healthier and more beautiful. Several products promise to reverse the signs of aging, but which ones actually work?

AntioxidantsOld man

Oxidation is what causes the cell to age. What you need is a ‘blocker’ that will keep the oxidation on its lowest levels, just enough for the cell to sustain itself. Antioxidant products in the form of creams and face washes work wonders.

Collagen drink

Your face is more elastic and ‘snaps’ back better when you are young. This is because of the production of collagen by the fibro blasts in your skin. As you age, your collagen levels decrease by one per cent per year. This causes the sagging of facial skin and the appearance of dark brown blemishes.

Experts from Nutraceutical Ingredients suggest increasing collagen levels to get younger skin. One popular and highly effective product is a collagen drink from Singapore, which gives results within four weeks.

Light, alcohol free and liquid-based toners

If there is a product that can ‘seal’ your skin, it’s a toner. Toners blocks harmful pollutants and particles in the environment by sealing the pores. Make it a part of your daily skin routine.

Vitamin E Supplements

A natural skin membrane protector, Vitamin E protects the cell membrane and blocks out harmful substances. Control what your skin absorbs with a healthy dose of Vitamin E.Skin care experts say vitamin E gives better results when paired with vitamin C.

The market is full of products that promise great skin and a youthful glow. Search for the products that work and reverse the signs of aging as soon as you possibly can.