Ready to Go Red? Some Things You Should Consider

Red Hair in PerthDid you know that only about 2% of the world’s population is natural redheads? This doesn’t mean that you can’t be one of them. The key is to determine the best shade of red perfectly suited to your skin tone.

Know the Right Shade for You

While platinum blonde can only look great on some people, red hair colour can actually look great on anyone, if you base the exact shade of red to your skin tone. Copper reds and strawberry blondes are ideal for those with pale complexion, light coloured eyes, and freckles, while true, deeper reds, and red violets go well with people who have cool skin tones and dark eyes. On the other hand, those with dark eyes, olive skin and warm skin tones look best with mahogany reds, brownish reds, and auburns.

You can also check your irises to determine if you have coloured flecks. If you have yellow or golden flecks, warm reds are your best bets, while if you have brownish or bluish flecks, go with cool reds instead.

Commit to Being a Redhead

If you choose to go red, know that red hair colour fades quicker than other colours. You have to set a regular appointment with your favourite hair salon in Perth for touchups. Meanwhile, you can preserve your redhead with in-home glazes once a week to seal in the red pigments in your hair. Expert colourists also recommend using sulfate-free shampoos with sun protection properties to protect against fading.

Being a Makeup Person or Not

If you’re not a makeup person, then you’re in the clear, but if you are, you’ll have to modify your makeup routine to accommodate your new redhead. Your makeup choices must complement your red hair, not compete with it. Depending on the exact shade of red you’re sporting, you can even go for subtle violets and greens. In addition, don’t shy away from red lipstick, with the right shade; it will look gorgeous with your red hair.

On a last note, it’s a great idea to also dye your eyebrows the same shade as your red hair to make it look more natural. The trick is to apply the dye not longer than five minutes to get a more natural look.