Population Growth Encourages Resurgence of Utah’s Downtown Scene

people crossing the roadPopulation growth in Utah encourages further development of industries in the state. Younger people are attracted to cities that offer both a good technology scene and access to nature.  In this sense, living in Utah offers both quality of life and the ability to further a good career

Companies like Wright Homes that develop housing communities help manage Utah’s growing population. Rapid growth exacerbates issues like affordable housing, but is a step towards moving the state’s economy forward.

Utah’s state capital, Salt Lake City, is starting to hit its stride. It is emerging into a booming regional technology economy, unlike those of San Francisco and Seattle.

Population Growth in Utah

Utah currently has the second lowest rate of unemployment across the country. Its population is also growing faster than any other state. This is because it has the ability to attract young people and retain those already living there.

Younger people move to and stay in Utah because they are attracted to the healthy job market. They are encouraged to launch new careers and build their families, essentially deciding to grow into new stages of their life in Utah.

This is beneficial to the state and its government because it means more young people will spend their years in Utah as a taxpayer before they become elderly. States also tend to have more dynamic economies if they have younger populations.

Attractiveness of Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has a booming downtown scene.  Population growth feeds a rapidly developing real estate market and encourages the boom of other industries.

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The city achieves real estate success by combining thriving technology with enough access to nature to bring in a well-educated, innovative population.  Residents benefit from a city that is easy to get around, has lots of outdoor recreation activities, and comes with the convenience of living close to where they work.