Physical Attraction: What Matters is How it Makes You Feel

Physical Attraction in Glendale HeightsPhysical attraction is sometimes viewed as skin-deep, but you can’t deny that it is an honest form of feedback that harkens back to our roots as human beings. It is the product of evolution and is often the foundation for different relationships.

Approaching someone at a party

You may or may not agree with how one person approaches another based solely on what that first person saw in the other, but you can’t deny that it was probably not the second person’s “kindness”. It is often because of the second person’s physical attributes — their height, their smile, the way they carried themselves — that they are noticed. Physical features often complement personality, and some people are just magnets that attract others even in a crowded party.

Getting ahead at work

When you’re interviewing for a job, the interviewer often judges you not just based on your answers to some common interview questions. They also take into account — consciously or not — your mannerisms, hand gestures, what you’re wearing, how your body is positioned while you speak, your teeth, how often you smile and at which moments, and many other observable characteristics.

The argument for being good-looking

Being beautiful is not merely something you value for the sake of those who see and appreciate you even before they know you. It is also something you value because of how it makes you feel about yourself. There is a shortage of self-esteem in today’s society, many believe, so anything that can make you like yourself more should be of utmost importance. Whether it’s how meticulously you shop for clothes that enhance your looks, or how religiously you visit your local dentist in Glendale Heights, Glenwood Dental Care, or how many hours you spend on YouTube just to get that right combination of makeup items, it’s really something personal that gets you interested in looking great. Nobody should be able to take that away from you.

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So the next time someone says that what matters is who you are inside, agree with them. But flash them a smile anyway, just to disarm them and to drive home your point that who you are inside is best served in a package that adds to it and does not take away from it.