Memorable and Out of the Ordinary Ways Kids can Spend the Holidays

Baby BoyFinally, your kids are home for the holidays. Gone are the days when they hurried for the bus and you packed their lunches — for the time being, at least.

Most parents are OK with allowing their child to stay at home and watch television all day. After all, there is nothing more convenient: all you have to do is feed the kids while they hang out. But if you are the type of parent who wishes to make the holidays unforgettable, you have plenty of options.

Rather than let the kids sit all day, encourage them to participate in active events to make their holidays worthwhile.

Jump for Joy with Trampoline Parties

Parents need not look further for unique school holiday activities in the Gold Coast. For example, instead of just sitting all day, get the kids to stretch their legs on a trampoline adventure. The Gold Coast is home to several free run terrain trampoline parks your kids will love.

Make things livelier by inviting your children’s friends over for a trampoline party. Watch them have fun as they attempt to do somersaults or other tricks on a trampoline. Make sure that your kids are wearing the necessary safety equipment.

Build Your Own Treehouse

Contrary to popular belief, treehouses are not a thing of the past. If you have a sturdy tree in your backyard, use the time to encourage your kids to create a new play space.

Before you build, assign age-appropriate chores. The hammering and connecting of wood planks should be assigned to the older children while the little ones can take charge of the design. Building a treehouse teaches your kids the basics of home improvement and architecture. It also gives you a chance to bond and talk as you sand wood planks and arrange structures.

DIY Master Chef Challenges

Teach your children the basics of cooking by turning it into a competition. Each day should have a food theme; for example, on Mondays, the children should come up with unique deserts and main courses on Tuesdays. At the end of the week, declare a winner and offer them a prize.

Let your kids enjoy a holiday unlike any other. Teach the children to live more by doing more on their breaks.