It’s Adventure Time: A Guide to Planning an Adventure Date

raftingA candle lit dinner with a bottle of red wine, a trip to the movies with a bucket of popcorn, and cuddling while watching Netflix—these date ideas are fun, but sometimes you need to spice things up a little.

Or a lot.

Movies and dinners don’t always cut it. If you want your next date to be a little more exciting and adventurous than the last, it might be a good idea to go horseback riding, mountain biking, or whitewater-rafting. Before you go secure each other’s life vests, though, consult this guide when putting together a kickass adventure date.

Ask Locals or Search Online

As with great dates, start by looking for some good ideas, activities, and hidden treasures nearby. Spend some time reading up on recommendations. Instead of wandering around haphazardly, ask like-minded friends and neighborhood experts, or go do a Google search.

It’s easy to find adventure spots regardless of where you live. You don’t need to travel to Africa or go to France for adventures—you can easily find one within the Continental United States. All you need are friends, the Internet, and a sense of adventure.

Test the Waters

You and your date want to aim for thrills—not fear and intimidation. Ease your way into it. Go for something you both like, something that will get your heart thumping but nothing too intense. For instance, you can book a mild whitewater rafting trip at American Adventure Expeditions, and if that goes well, you can work your way up to the high-adventure whitewater rafting.

Document the Date

You both want to remember all the weird, random, and romantic stuff that happens during that adventurous date. There are many mobile apps today that you can use to document everything from start to finish. Instead of live tweeting or spamming all your Instagram followers with all the fun images, get an app that can help you record the entire date and then publish it in one go.

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Shake things up with your other half by doing research, testing the waters, and documenting the adventure. This way, you’re sure to experience a successful and memorable adrenaline-pumping hangout session with your partner.