Improving Intimacy with Your Spouse: Really Useful Tips

A Couple Having a Romantic DateHave you ever seen those couples that seem so strongly in love decades after their marriage and wondered what they were doing right? Well, the secret is quite simple. These couples have learned the power of simple gestures to close the distance between each other.

You can have that, too. Doing these four smart things can rekindle the spark in your relationship instantly:

Plan for a Couples Massage

One of the reasons you may not have been enjoying quality moments with your spouse may be because of your hectic schedules. A nice couples’ massage may be what you need. It is important, however, to leave all your stress at the door, says, and be ready for an intimate time together.

You will feel closer to each other afterwards, and with your minds and bodies revitalized, you can enjoy activities that are more fun together.

Put Away Electronics When Talking

Do you and your special one spend time staring at your phones when together? That could be the cause of the strain between the two of you. Using a phone in the presence of your loved one makes you appear less empathetic and untrustworthy. Not the exact picture you want your spouse to have about you.

Exercise Together

There is nothing like an excellent workout together to increase your romantic feelings for each other. Sweating together will make both of you feel happy and strengthen your bond. Jog together in the morning or sign up to a local gym as a couple.

You will be impressed at how, as you get fitter, your relationship gets stronger.

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Laugh a Lot, Together

Chat about embarrassing things that happened during the day. Doing so is a helpful way to expose your vulnerability to your spouse and vice versa. You will also share in some good laughter. Laughter is powerful in keeping the romance alive.

You can practice simple gestures on a daily basis to show how much you appreciate each other. By doing this, you can keep the honeymoon alive decades past your wedding day.