How to Tell You Picked the Wrong Roof Colour

Roof color optionsPicking the right roof colour is more important than you think. The look and feel of Australian homes entirely depends on their design elements, and the roof’s hue could either make or break their appeal. Moreover, making a bad decision can lead to discomfort; a study shows black tends to trap more heat compared with white, while there is little difference between neutral colours.

With the extensiveness of the selection available, choosing the right shade from a million is no joke. How do you know you made a mistake and your roofing in Perth needs of a re-paint job? This is how you can tell:

When Your Roof Catches Your Attention

Driving up your home, you instantly noticed your property. Not because it stands out in the neighbourhood, but something feels not right you can’t help but look. A roof that arrests your eyes for the wrong reason, then its colour is most likely to blame.

The right hue should let your roof blend perfectly with the rest of the house; it shouldn’t scream ‘Look at me!’ If it does, then the different colours of exterior aren’t pulled together and your roof feels out of place.

When You Match Instead of Complement

Using the colour of your siding for your roof is a cardinal sin. Exactly similar hues render your home drab and lifeless. Unless you really intend it to be a monotone, steer clear from this direction.

Your roofing colour should serve as the last piece of your exterior design—it should bring it to perfection. To achieve this, use complementary colours.

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When You Didn’t Negate

Corollary with the statement above, the appearance of your roof shouldn’t be identical with the rest of the house. If the colour or pattern of your siding is already busy, the shade of your roofing should tone it down. A home with a roof design strictly akin to other areas is an eyesore.

Put serious thought on your roof colour, or else it would be a disaster. Better yet, consult with professional painters to be guided with your decision.