Gates, Arbours and Guards: Top Tips for an Attractive Front Yard

Beautiful front yardMost homeowners have a tendency to overlook the aesthetics of their front yard. Considering that it’s what your neighbours see when out in their own yards, what passers-by look at when they drive by, and the first thing you and your family see when you come home, it is safe to say it is important.

There are many simple ways to improve the appeal of your home’s front area. It only takes a fresh coat of paint and well-tended blooms to make a difference. To take your yard decorating another level, here are interesting and impressive structures you can add as final touches to your attractive front yard:


Gates establish the point of separation between private property and the rest of the street. A thoughtful and well-constructed gate serves as a separation and a transition of one space to another. Gates can be built into a fence to strengthen the structure or added to an arbour for adornment.

Gate hardware is important. Professionals advise homeowners to choose materials that are sturdy and can swing freely, like metal or aluminium gates. Avoid latches and hinges that are difficult to open as it may cause visitors to wait awkwardly on the other side until someone opens the gate for them.


A front-yard arbour’s charm never fades. It is very quaint and gives off a welcoming vibe. It is pleasant to pair with a cottage, but can also accent a more contemporary house. A rose-topped white lattice looks traditional, while angular steel with clipped ivy lends a cooler vibe.

Resist the urge to overplant for an easy to maintain arbour. If the vine of choice is more diminutive, plant one on either side; just plant one, however if it is a more aggressive climber. Overplanting will give you faster coverage, but may cause maintenance issues or plant health problems.

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The tradition of placing guards and statues in a house’s front yard originated in Asia, with legends such as the Japanese shisha. Westerners adapted it and began planting a pair of stone canines or gargoyles atop gates, roofs, and entrances. Culturally, these stone guards are believed to protect the home.

Choose your statue wisely. A pair of dogs that look like they are happily panting are excellent if you wish to exude a more relaxed vibe. For those who are gearing for a more sophisticated or enticing look, gargoyles and reptiles will be an interesting accent to your home entrance.