Eyewear for the Professions: Why These 3 Jobs Require Glasses

Prescription Eye Glasses Some wear it for fashion, but glasses were first designed for necessity. People who need to cope with or treat their poor vision are prescribed an eye-wear brand by optometrists or eye doctors. Now children and adults wear glasses as they go to school or work.

People also have come to associate glasses with intelligence, because in the media they often represent persons who read books. With that said, people who use computers regularly also need glasses. They need to wear them if their job requires inspecting things up close or reading heavy text.


Doing research usually means reading lots of books, PDFs, or any text-heavy source material. Sometimes printed text would be too small, which could strain eyes over time. Writers also do heavy reading and therefore need glasses, as do lawyers who have to read a lot of volumes involving court cases.

New Media Artists

New media art is a genre that pertains to computer graphics, animation, video games, 3D printing, and the like. Video editors, animated film makers and game developers, for example, have to face a computer screen for long hours for their jobs

Because prolonged exposure to bright screens and moving images could strain the eyes, these professionals typically wear glasses too.


Now, gamers who compete in international tournaments and get sponsorships from many major brands are now considered professionals. Just like how new media artists use eye-wear to protect their sight from computer strain, gamers also have to do the same.

In summary, glasses help people do their jobs with ease as well as treat the eyes of people whose eyes have suffered eye strain because of their work. Whether you are a researcher, a new media artist, or a gamer, it is important to protect your eyes because your career depends on it.