Event Planning Checklist: Important Considerations before Booking a Venue

Event Planning Whether it is a small function or a big one, your choice of venue is incredibly important. With so many function rooms available for hire in Brisbane, put into consideration every little issue before spending your money on a venue.

The following are essential factors to consider:

Cost — Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, money is the main deciding factor when choosing a venue. As you look at the overall booking cost, watch out for other extras not included in the small print. For instance, things like parking fees, snacks and Wi-Fi can significantly increase the cost of the location. It is, therefore, important to choose a venue with a clear pricing policy to avoid nasty surprises, explains Laruche.

Location of the venue — Consider a venue that is centrally located and linked to a good transport system. This makes it easier for your attendees to arrive and leave the event. Select a venue easily accessible for most guests.

Capacity — Look for a venue that caters to the expected number of attendees. Whether it is a small meeting of five people or a large conference of hundreds, do not leave anything to chance, but have available space for everyone.

Accommodation — After a busy day, your attendants might need to rest or relax. Having accommodation near the meeting venue is a wise deciding factor. It is also good to have flexible options, such as family rooms, and for it to be accessible for the disabled.

Food and drinks — This fuels your guests to last throughout the event. Some venues may allow you to have whatever food and drinks you want, while others may require you to stick to their set package. Depending on the kind of event, think about it before booking your venue.

Security — Though overlooked in many instances, it should be on top of every event planner’s checklist. Inquire about the security personnel, the security systems, and the guest only policy — because no one needs a party crasher.

Since you want to make your event the best one, take your time to make the right choice of setting. The above considerations will incredibly help you to make the proper decision.