Do’s and Don’ts of Fishing in Michigan

A man is fishing in the seaRecreational fishing has become the favorite hobby for many Americans. It provides an opportunity to break the monotony of daily life and spend some quality time with friends and family members while trying to catch fish. As per most travel guides, Michigan is one of the most visited fishing spots in America that is equally liked by champion anglers as well as people looking for a fun weekend fishing trip.

But you need to be aware of few important things before you even start looking for fishing boats for sale in Michigan.

Get a license

To maintain a strict boundary between recreational fishing and poaching, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) insists on getting an e-license before going on a fishing trip. You can do this by visiting their online portal, choosing the items from the list provided and making the payment. The non-kill tags, as well as fishing license, are directly sent to your email.

Choose the right spot

Lake St. Clair, Grand Traverse Bay, Lake Charlevoix, Mullett/Burt Lakes, and Saginaw Bay are five of the most preferred fishing spots in Michigan. You may choose a spot based on the type of fish you want to catch and the season. You can track the correct time and spot with the help of the official Roadmap to Fishing Lake Michigan.

Catch and release

If you are interested in bass fishing, you should check the “catch and release” DNR regulations and abide by it.

Free fishing weekends

It is an annual tradition of DNR to waive fishing license fees for all fishes for two days, twice a year. You can find out when and plan accordingly.

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To make the experience as enjoyable as possible, it is extremely important to choose the right fishing boat and gear. While it is not that difficult to find fishing boats in Michigan, you must choose one that suits your specific requirements, including the number of people onboard, the style of fishing, and your budget. It is advisable to visit indoor showrooms that put boat models on display before making the purchase.