Debunking All the Myths about Small Spaces

Large furnitureMicrohousing is the way of the future. Young professionals like small living quarters because it inspires simple and organised living. Studios, for example, are excellent alternate and sustainable housing solutions, says innovative housing experts from Gran Designs WA.

The growing problem of population density in cities across the globe makes small spaces the way to go. Size is no matter, however, as there is an abundance of tips on maximising cramped spaces. You might be thinking that you have heard and tried it all, but how accurate are these interior design booboos many have come to pass as real?

Don’t Use Big Furniture

Many are discouraged from using any huge furniture, as they tend to make the space look even smaller. The thought probably carries some truth if you try to stuff a large bedroom set in a 10’x10’ room, but it’s not always the case.

Are you simply unwilling to give up your queen-sized bed? Let it stay, but cut back on other bulky pieces like side tables and armoires. It is all about compromise and harmony. You can actually build a beautiful focal point in your tiny room by letting your large bed stand alone.

Avoid Patterns

Many also say that using patterns in a tiny room will make it look too busy and contributes to a cluttered feel. This might be true for particular prints, but there are different patterns with the ability to blend to create a cohesive and clean-looking space.

The key is to use colours from the same families. Go for corals and reds if you want to warm up your space. As long as they carry the same shade, you are good to go. In fact, it will allow the eyes to move around the space with all the interesting visual cues.

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Use Only Neutrals

Solid whites and greys definitely make a room feel brighter and airier, but don’t limit yourself to just neutrals. Muted or pastel colours can do the same wonder as plain whites. Use different shades if you are truly iffy with bold colours or accent a single wall with a pop of purple or a beautiful sea foam green.

A space will look bright with natural light. Maximise your windows and let the sun flood in. Any space bathed in sunlight instantly looks huge and majestic. Besides, it is not always just the design that makes a room look better. Remember to declutter to keep the space clean and pristine.