Cure Colds with Chicken Soup

Homemade Chicken SoupAs the famous Game of Thrones line goes: “Winter is coming!”, and along with it comes cold season. But this winter, you are prepared. All you need is your grandma’s trusted chicken soup recipe. Aside from being used as a soup base for dishes, chicken soup has been used a remedy for colds for decades. But what makes it so effective and special?

Why is chicken soup best for colds?

It does not contain magical powers, but chicken soup works like magic. It works wonders because of 3 factors, its ingredient, its component, and how the body reacts. Most soup bases include the basics like onions, garlic, and other vegetables. These ingredients, aside from the chicken itself, give your body added nutrients to help boost your immune system and make you feel better. Carnosine, a component found in chicken soup also contributes to the healing factors of chicken soup for colds.

This, along with natural, healthy calories found in chicken meat helps your body bounce back from fight early signs of sickness. Lastly, chicken soup works because the human body itself is receptive to it. Consuming chicken soup helps clear air passages and sinus making the ill feel comfortable.

All these components, when combined together, makes chicken soup the ultimate weapon in fighting colds and making you get back to your feet faster.

Chicken soup at your convenience

When mom or grandma is not around, having a warm bowl of chicken soup might seem a distant dream. But there are different ways to still have your soup when cold hits. Soup bases can be frozen and kept in the fridge for quite some time. Cooking a little extra for future use can be of help. But when all else fails, go to the nearest store and grab their instant soup bases. It might not be the same with how your mom cooks it, but it can serve as a good substitute for your colds.

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Prepare for winter well. Go to your kitchen and whip up some chicken soup to keep you warm and healthy.