Caring for Your Teeth, Caring for Your Smile

Lovely SmileYour smile is an asset that you have to take care of. A beautiful smile opens doors. It is easier to be confident and talk to someone you fancy if you have that smile working to your advantage. It might even be easier to convince an interviewer to consider you for a job if they are enamoured by your smile.

The problem, however, is when you fail to care for your dental health, the centre of that charming smile. There are a number of things that can happen to your teeth if you are less than careful. For one, they can lose their shiny white colour. For another, cavities may cause them to decay. Gum disease may develop and the integrity of your teeth will be compromised.

To make sure your teeth always look great, thereby enhancing your smile, here are some tricks:

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day. This is the most basic part of your oral care regimen, yet it is often the most effective as it is your first line of defence against many tooth problems.
  2. Floss daily. Flossing once a day will help you rid the areas between your teeth of food particles and bacteria. The food particles that remain in your mouth serve to make bacteria thrive. Brushing alone cannot remove all the food debris; you need flossing too.
  3. Visit your dentist every six months. Proper brushing and flossing are important, but plaque may still form on your teeth. Only your dentist can remove plaque and find out if you have other tooth problems.
  4. Do not brush immediately after eating. After eating, especially if the food or drink is acidic, your teeth’s enamel needs some time to recover from the acidic attack. So wait 30 minutes before brushing or flossing.
  5. Avoid strong-coloured food and drinks. Discolouration can make your teeth look unsightly. Food and beverages that possess strong colours or too much acid can cause this. Avoid smoking too, as it is known to cause discolouration and other problems.
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If you have any tooth problems already, it is best to see your dentist immediately to learn about the appropriate treatment. For instance, your dentist may recommend veneers if the discolouration does not respond to regular whitening techniques anymore.

Whatever oral problems you have, your dentist should be the one to tell you how to best deal with them. This is how you get to keep your charming smile.