5 Tips About Today’s Hair Trends for Clueless Hairstylists

Women in the SalonThere is a slew of hair trends that millennials are going gaga for. If you are a hairdresser or barber, you had best be ready for your young customers’ hairstyle requests by learning what these current hair trends are.

Prepare your thinning shears or scissors, hair dyes, curlers, and other hair tools in your arsenal so that you will impress them if you do these hairstyles flawlessly.

90s Inspired Cuts

For men, hair experts see a return in vintage haircuts and hairstyles. This includes the hairdos that famous ’90s boy bands are famous for, such as middle-parted short hair like the Backstreet Boys and short blond curls like Justin Timberlake.

Man Buns

Another trend that guys are into is the “man bun.” This is made by lengthening hair and then rolling it up on the upper back to form a bun. Some variations of his hairstyle include shaving the sides, so you emphasise the hair on top and the bun at the back.

Ombre Hair

In case your female customers want ombre hair, you create this by styling hair lengths in such a way that the upper part and the lower part will have different colours. You do this by dyeing the lower part of the hair with colour.

As for the upper part, you can either leave its natural colour as is or dye it with its own colour as well.

Oversized Braids

Women might also want to get oversized braids, kind of like the hairdo of Frozen’s Queen Elsa. You can achieve this hairstyle by simply braiding the hair and then setting it with hairspray so it will not lose its form.

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In conclusion, hair salons and hairstylists face a lot of demand from today’s millennials who want to keep up with current hair trends. Be it a thinning scissor or a hair treatment product, investing in high-quality tools will save you from hair-raising hassles.