4 Fun-filled Activities Every Woman Must Try Before She Turns 30

Women Having FunFor most women, the age of 30 is that time of their life when careers are already blooming—some are already heading their office departments while the others are already backpacking the world. But, every woman has one thing in common—they all want to unwind and get the relaxation they need after the day’s work.

So, if you’re a woman and a conqueror of the world, here are four pampering essentials you need to experience before you turn another year older.

Anti-gravity Yoga

Also known as aerial yoga, this type of yoga that famous actresses are raving about is a new kind of workout that involves a series of exercises—including pilates, yoga, and aerial acrobatics. If you haven’t tried this workout yet, then you’re missing a box full of surprises. According to AntiGravity Fitness, not only does this type of yoga help relieve stress, but it is also suitable for people with back pains or other impediments. Likewise, it helps in giving you strength and flexibility—just what every woman needs.

Run a Half Marathon

Running, as a cardio exercise, not only helps you burn more fat but also helps keep your heart beating in its natural pace. It also ensures that blood and oxygen flows properly throughout your body. So if you haven’t stepped on this lifestyle yet, it’s never going to be too late for you.

Watch a Movie by Yourself

Most people are scared to hop on the movie seats alone as they feel more secured having their friends, siblings, or significant others beside them. But, savouring the movie and its story is more important, and you have to give it all to yourself. Besides, it only takes an hour and a half to focus solely on the movie and not the person beside you, right?

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Go beyond your body’s limits. This is why if you have fear of heights; it’s high-time for you to try skydiving and get rid of work-related stress. In fact, high-risk activities such as these are important in the continuation of the human species.

Turning 30 is already a huge milestone, and there’s no better activity than living healthy and happily as we grow older.